My father's parents were both born in Scotland. They emigrated to Australia in 1925.
My mother's parents were both born in Australia as were their parents.  There are ancestral links to the Rose family.

Ancestral migration route out of Africa

I submitted a DNA sample to the National Geographic Genographic project to find out my ancient ancestors migration path out of Africa.  Here is the resultant map.

Here are the same results depicted on a map provided by Family Tree DNA.

The R1b haplogroup of the Y chromosome has been subject to mutations over time, which enables the route of my ancestors to be tracked.    Today, roughly 70 percent of the men in southern England belong to haplogroup R1b. In parts of Spain and Ireland, that number exceeds 90 percent.

As you can see from the map my ancestor's journey was:
  • 50,000 - 79,000 years ago - "Eurasian Adam"  (M168)
  • 45,000 years ago - Moving through the Middle East (M89)
  • 40,000 years ago - Iran or southern Central Asia (M9)
  • 35,000 years ago - Journey through Central Asia (M45)
  • 30,000 years ago - Leaving Central Asia and travelling towards Europe (M207)
  • 30,000 years ago - Journey through Germany and possibly France. Direct descendant of Cro-Magnon, who displaced the Neanderthals. (M343)
Recent ancestral DNA matches - 12 marker

I then submitted the DNA sample to Family Tree DNA for recent ancestral testing.  The first DNA marker (12) was tested for free.  I could then view the people (who have submitted DNA samples) who I match with at this marker. 

12 Marker matches - Europe

12 Marker matches - Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland

12 Marker matches - U.S.A.

These maps from 12 marker matches indicate that I appear to have a Celtic origin, with my more recent ancestors populating the western and northern regions of Great Britain and Ireland, including Wales and Scotland.

There was also a large emigration to the east coast of the United States with people spreading across the eastern and mid west states, along with Nova Scotia in Canada.

More detailed matches - the 25 Marker

I then requested and paid for additional DNA analysis for the 25, 37 and 67 DNA markers.  This yields more precision with DNA matches and narrows the time period in which I am likely to share a common ancestor with people who my DNA matches closely.

25 Marker matches - Great Britain and Ireland

25 Marker matches - Scotland

25 Marker matches - United States and Canada

I have some exact matches with people in the north of Scotland, and one in Canada.  I have many close matches with quite a few people in Ireland, and also some in England and the United States.

More detailed matches - the 37 Marker
37 Marker matches - Scotland

37 Marker matches - Eastern U.S.A.

There are a lot fewer matches at the 37 marker.  The exact of close matches are confined to people in the of Scotland and Nova Scotia in Canada.

The final detailed matches - the 67 Marker

67 Marker matches - Eastern USA

67 Marker Matches - Scotland.

I have no exact matches at the 67 marker, but I have some close matches in Scotland and one in Nova Scotia.  All matches are not displayed on the maps, but are provided in table format on the Family Tree DNA website via a personal login.

I think the most interesting fact I have learned throughout this process is that every human on the planet is actually related. We are all part of the one family.

Ancestral DNA matches - McIver-Campbell and McKenzie
My close DNA matches are mostly McKenzie and some McIver, there are very few Campbell surnames.

My Campbell lineage is associated with the McIver-Campbells rather than the Campbell clans that originate from Argyll.

Clan McIver Crest. By Celtus (Celtus @ english wikipedia) - Own work by uploader (everything except the boar element) CC BY-SA 3.0 Source
The Big Y test indicates that my Campbell line has a unique SNP (search for "Campbell N88177") that is earlier than most of the McKenzie and Mackenzie lines.  The BY11203 SNP has a median age of 1110 AD.

Campbell lineage of Peter Campbell (paternal)
Oldest Campbell Ancestor:   Alexander Campbell (1781-) of Houstry, Caithness, Scotland

For photos of locations for see Scotland trip 2018 - Campbell family history

The earliest verbal record (from his daughter Bella) of Donald Campbell (b1878) is his arrival in Leith from the north of Scotland (Watten) around 1900. He married Margaret Cunningham (1900) and had four children - Donald, William, James and Isobella (Bella).  Donald’s descendants are now in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland and Victoria, Australia.

Donald Campbell's (b1878) father was James Campbell (b1849) of Watten, Caithness, according to Scottish census records (1851, 1861, 1891, 1901) and Donald's entry on the Statutory Births Register.  His mother was Elizabeth Donn.

James Campbell's (b1850) father was Donald Campbell (b1810) of Wick, Caithness, according to Scottish census records (1841, 1851,  1861).  His mother was Ann Ross (b1809). Source: 1877 Marriages, Parish of Cansibay.  Death record for James Campbell (1911).

Donald Campbell's (b 1810) father was Alexander Campbell (b1781).  His mother was Margaret Bruce (b1784).

Line to Present Day

  • Alexander Campbell (1781- ) and Margaret Bruce (1784- ), lived in Houstry, Caithness.
  • Donald Campbell (1810-1885), born in Wick, Caithness and Ann Ross (1809-1863), lived in Wick, Caithness. Farmer.
  • James Campbell (1849-1911), born in Wick, Caithness and Elizabeth Donn (1850-1893), lived in Watten, Caithness. Shepherd.
  • Donald Campbell (1878-1934), born Canisbay, Caithness, Scotland and Margaret Cunningham (1878-1926) of Leith, Scotland. Lorryman.
  • William Campbell (1905-1968) and Elsie Isobel Ross (1904-1993) of Traralgon, Victoria, Australia (both born in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland). Engineer.
  • Douglas Andrew Campbell (1929 - 2010), teacher 
  • Peter Campbell (1960- ) living


1. Alexander Campbell (1781 - ), born in Flontich, Caithness, Scotland and Margaret Bruce "Milltown Of Dunbeath" (1784 - ).  Possibly resided in Houstry, Caithness.  Their children were:
  • Isobel Campbell (1807 – )
  • Helen Campbell (1809 – ) 
  • Janet Campbell (1809 – )
  • Donald Campbell (1810–1885)
  • Barbara Campbell (1812–1891)
  • William Campbell (1814– )
  • James Campbell (1817– )
  • Margaret Bruce Campbell (1817–1912)
  • David Campbell (1819– 1860)
  • Janet Campbell (1820– 1895)
  • Alexander Campbell (1824– )
  • Christina Campbell (1829– )
2. Donald Campbell (1810-1885), born in Wick, Caithness and Ann Ross (1809 - )
They lived in Wick, Caithness.  Their children were:
  • Ann Campbell (1836 – 1873)
  • Isabella Campbell (1839 – )
  • Alexander Campbell (1841 – ) 
  • John Campbell (1843 – )
  • Williamina Campbell (1846 – )
  • Donald Campbell (1849 – )
  • James Campbell (1849 –1911)
This information is confirmed from Scottish death record for James Campbell

3. James Campbell (1849-1911), born in Wick, Caithness and Elizabeth Donn (1851-).
They lived in Watten, Caithness. Their children were:
This information is confirmed from Scottish census records and son Donald Campbell's birth entry on Statutory Births Register

4. Donald Campbell (1878-1934), born Canisbay, Caithness, Scotland and Margaret Cunningham (1878- ) of Leith, Scotland.   Donald was born in Barrogill Castle, Canisbay, Caithnessshire, lived in Watten as a boy then moved to Leith, Edinburgh around 1900.  Their children were:
  • James Campbell (1902 – 1913).
  • Isabella (Bella) Campbell (1903 – )
  • William Campbell (1905–1968).
  • Donald Campbell (1907–1972). Died in fire on ship STV Royston Grange after collision in Rio de la Plata, Uruguay. 
  • Peter Hay Campbell (1912– 942) Glider pilot, killed in a training accident at Ploughley, Oxfordshire, England in WWII.  The cause was "structural failure".
5. William Campbell (1905-1968) and Elsie Isobel Ross of Traralgon, Victoria, Australia (both born in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland). They migrated to Australia around 1927 and lived in McKinnon, Melbourne, Victoria for a while before settling in Traralgon, Victoria.  Their children were:
  • Margaret Campbell (1926–2015 )
  • Douglas Andrew Campbell (1929 – 2010)
  • John Campbell (1936–2017 )
  • Aileen Campbell (1941– ).
6. Douglas Andrew William Campbell (1929-2010)  Douglas was born in Armadale, Melbourne and married Joan in 1954. They lived in North Balywyn, Melbourne, Victoria.  Their children are 
  • Peter Campbell (1960- )
  • Donald Campbell (1962- ).
7. Peter Campbell (1960 - ) born in Melbourne Victoria, married Lena Amanda Sanci in 1999 and have one child Chloe Campbell (2006- )

Peter's brother Donald Campbell (1962 - ) married Sheryl Chism in 1994.  Their children are Harrison Campbell (1994 – ), Ian Campbell (1997 – ) and Sean Campbell (1997 –).  Ian and Sean are identical twins.

Maternal ancestry, starting with my maternal grandmother
  • Mary Douglas (1766- ), born in Ayrshire, Scotland
  • Mary Hastings (1804-1880), born in Kirconnel, Ayrshire, Scotland
  • Jane Gardiner, (1828-1902), born in Monkton, Ayrshire, Scotland
  • Susannah Rose (1847-1887), born in Roberts Swamp, Hawkesbury River, NSW,
  • Francis Rose Lewis (1877-1951), born in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia
  • Vera Rose Onians (1901-1980), born in Kerang, Victoria, Australia
So both my paternal and maternal lines have ancestors who lived in Scotland.