Sunday, May 29, 2022

Peter Dutton's track record

Peter Dutton MP has the front running to become the Liberal National opposition leader in the federal government. 

It is worth remembering some of his recent political history, Peter Dutton:

  • Refused to commit to aiming for a 1.5% limit on climate warming at the Pacific Island Form in PNG, where he was heard to joke about island nations with "waves lapping at your door"
  • Boycotted the Apology to the Stolen Generations
  • Claimed Victorians were scared to go out because of African Gangs
  • Blamed Laa Chol's death on "Sudanese Gangs", contrary to Victoria Police advice
  • Accused Ali France, who is an amputee, of leveraging her disability for political gain
  • Referred to Murugappan children as "Anchor Babies"
  • Claimed refugees [medivac'd from detention] will cause locals to be "displaced from those services"
  • Referred Bruce Pascoe to AFP claiming he lied about indigenous identity
  • Called journalist Samantha Maiden a "mad f***ing witch" in a text message
  • Described Brittany Higgins rape allegation as "She said, He said"
  • Claimed women are using rape and abortion claims as a ploy to get to Australia
  • Used SLAPP suits to silence critics (Shane Bazzi)
  • Marked Anzac Day 2022 by invoking the spectre of Nazi Germany and declaring that Australia can only preserve peace by preparing for war.
*Credit to Helen Smart for this list.

There are now media attempts to portray him as a nice family guy to soften is reputation as a hard right political warrior, a hard-line border protection minister and, more recently, a China hawk beating the drums of war.

It will be interesting to see how he goes as opposition leader.

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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Independent candidates partly funded by Climate 200 reset representational democracy

Climate 200

Climate 200 is a ​​community crowdfunded initiative established in 2019 to support pro-climate, pro-integrity, and pro-gender equity candidates.

Climate 200 is not a party. It does not start campaigns, select candidates, speak for candidates, dictate policies, or have members.

Climate did not prelect any of the above candidates, control them, or dictate any policy matters.

They simply give strong community campaigns a leg up with funding and support.

The following candidates were partly funded by Climate 200 during the 2022 Australian Federal election:

 Alex Dyson, Independent candidate for Wannon

  • VIC, Liberal incumbent

Allegra Spender, Independent candidate for Wentworth - ELECTED

  • NSW, Liberal incumbent

Andrew Wilkie. Independent MP for Clark  - ELECTED

  • TAS, Independent seeking re-election

Caz Heise, Independent candidate for Cowper

  • NSW, National incumbent

Claire Ferres Miles, Independent candidate for Casey

  • VIC, Liberal incumbent

David Pocock. Independent candidate for ACT Senate  - ELECTED

  • ACT Senate

Despi O’Connor, Independent candidate for Flinders

  • VIC, Liberal incumbent

Dr Monique RyanIndependent candidate for Kooyong  - ELECTED

  • VIC, Liberal incumbent

Dr Sophie Scamps, Independent candidate for Mackellar  - ELECTED

  • NSW, Liberal incumbent

Georgia Steele, Independent candidate for Hughes

  • NSW, UAP incumbent

Dr Hanabeth Luke, Independent candidate for Page

  • NSW, National incumbent

Helen Haines, Independent member for Indi  - ELECTED

  • VIC, Independent seeking re-election

Jo Dyer, Independent candidate for Boothby

  • SA, Liberal incumbent

Kate Chaney, Independent candidate for Curtin  - ELECTED

  • WA, Liberal incumbent

Kate Hook, Independent candidate for Calare

  • NSW, National incumbent

Kim Rubenstein, Independent candidate for ACT Senate

  • ACT Senate

Kylea Tink, Independent candidate for North Sydney  - ELECTED

  • NSW, Liberal incumbent

Leanne Minshulll, Independent candidate for TAS Senate

  • TAS, Senate

Nicolette Boele, Independent candidate for Bradfield

  • NSW, Liberal incumbent

Rebekha Sharkie, Independent member for Mayo  - ELECTED

  • SA, Independent seeking re-election

Zali Steggall, Independent MP for Warringah  - ELECTED

  • NSW, Independent seeking re-election

Zoe Daniel, Independent candidate for Goldstein  - ELECTED

  • VIC, Liberal incumbent

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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Dr Monique Ryan will be a strong independent voice for Kooyong if she is elected

I got involved in politics are working on campaigns to protect Victoria's native forests.  Elections presented an opportunity to get change for the better.  However, we were not able to "make Australia woodchip free in 1993"...

I joined the Greens and was the Greens candidate for Kooyong in 2001, 2004 and 2007 running against Petro Georgiou, a decent and friendly man who showed great compassion to refugees.

I resigned from the Greens in 2011. All political parties carry baggage and pollute democracy. MPs  mostly represent their party as their first priority rather than their constituents.

I ran as an independent (unsuccessfully) for the state seat of Burwood in the 2014 Victorian election.

People mostly join political parties because the believe in something and want to effect change. I was focussed on protecting forests, the environment, climate change and transitioning to renewable energy. 

However, I found myself diverted into lengthy often toxic state and national council meetings. My energy was diverted into internal battles over policy, priorities and pre-selection. All political parties also engage in branch stacking.

When I send emails to Josh Frydenberg asking him to represent my views in the federal parliament he refuses to do so.  Instead I get a spiel from him on what "their policy" is. He has also blocked me on Twitter without any explanation. He's just not a good representative for me and many others.

I am volunteering for Monique Ryan's campaign for Kooyong because I  believe she will be the best person to represent Kooyong in the federal parliament.

Vote 1 Monique Ryan. Remember to number EVERY square.

We want a Federal representative who takes the time to listen, and act and represent us on the important issues - including climate change, an anti-corruption commission, decent treatment of refugees and protection of our environment.

The campaigns such as Monique Ryan in Kooyong, Zoe Daniel in Goldstein, Allegra Spender in Wentworth and other "teal" seats are fantastic and inspiring. 

Thousands of people are engaged and active.

Democracy has been restored to citizens, breaking the shackles of party politics.

Simon Holmes a Court has provided funding for many of these campaigns via the Climate 200 with no strings attached. This has enabled local independent campaigns to compete against well-funded political party campaigns.

One of the great things about Dr Monique Ryan's campaign is meeting new people from all walks of life and getting out and about door knocking, riding bikes and visiting cafes.

Over 2,000 volunteers are united in a common goal - to get Dr Ryan elected in Kooyong.

This is the first time in Kooyong's history that there has been a real contest for the seat. 

This might be the only chance we get, let's make it happen!

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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Monique Ryan will be a great member of parliament for Kooyong. Ignore Liberal dirty tricks!

With the long 6 week election campaign drawing to a close there is a buzz in the air in Kooyong.

Monique Ryan, the genuine independent for Kooyong, now has a team of over 2000 volunteers of all ages and from all walks of life.  

Josh Frydenberg covets the seat of Kooyong and is desperate to cling to office.

While Frydenberg still has his nose in front (don't believe the polls) he has ramped up familiar dirty tricks.

If the Liberals polling tells them this isn't working they go dirty

  • The Liberal Dirt Unit trawls for something they think discredits the other candidate.
  • Ramp up attacks via media
  • Distribute attack leaflets to all letterboxes (at taxpayers expense!)
  • Other Liberal MPs amplify attacks

If they feel REALLY threatened they escalate

  • Deface or pull down opponent corflute posters (several hundred of Monique Ryan's have been stolen or damaged)
  • Put up anonymous "attack corflutes" attempting to discredit all independents (new!)
  • Ramp up personal attacks via friendly media and social media (ads)
  • Prime Minister Morrison and ministers amplify attacks
  • Attempt get corflute poster banned on residents property (Tim Wilson in Goldstein, )
  • Attempt to restrict number of volunteers at polling booths (Kooyong, unsuccessful)
  • Lean on the local council to restrict permits for A frames while distributing flyers

They might even get REALLY dirty

  • Try to insert someone into opponent's campaign (or try to bribe someone to defect)
  • Abuse other candidates and their supporters in public
  • Attempt to provoke a confrontation to discredit their opponent and amplify it via media
  • Paint over of Monique Ryan's murals

Dr Ryan's campaign is positive

Dr Monique Ryan and all her supporters are committed to an honest and positive campaign that includes:
  • Community engagement via forums, street walks, bike rides etc
  • Door knocking - the entire electorate of Kooyong has now been visited!
  • Transparent declared funding 
  • Over 2,000 local volunteers
  • No dirty tricks

Volunteers pizza night

Door knocking team

Monique Ryan also debated Frydenberg and proved she will be a great representative for Kooyong if she is elected. Here is the debate in full.

Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Monique Ryan vs Josh Frydenberg's how to vote cards in Kooyong

How to vote cards are a window into candidate leanings and possible political deals.

Monique Ryan, the community independent candidate for Kooyong, has published the How to Vote instructions below.

  • The order of candidates shown is the order on the ballot that voters will use
  • Monique Ryan asks people to vote 1 for her
  • Then voters select other candidates according to THEIR choice (values alignment, policies etc.)
  • This is the best for democracy.
Josh Frydenberg is the incumbent Liberal member of parliament for Kooyong.

His How to Vote is below, with annotations.

Frydenberg has directed preferences to the following candidates:
  • 2. Liberal Democrats (right wing)
  • 3. Derryn Hinch (Justice) - centrist
  • 4. UAP (Clive Palmer, right wing)
  • 5. Australian Values Party (right wing)
  • 6. Dummy candidate for Frydenberg (fake independent)
  • 7. Animal justice
  • 8. One Nation (Pauline Hanson, right wing)
Ahead of the following progressive candidate and community independent Monique Ryan:
  • 9. Peter Lynch (Labor, progressive)
  • 10. Piers Mitcham (Greens, progressive)
  • 11 Monique Ryan (Independent)
This indicates possible preference deals between the Liberals, Justice, Liberal Democrats, UAP, AVP and possibly One Nation.

Frydenberg's preferences will not be distributed but they do indicate his political leanings to the right.

When voting:

Make sure you number EVERY square 1 to 11 to ensure your vote is valid.

There will be two ballot papers - House of Reps (green, 11 candidates) and Senate (big, white).

Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Patricia Karvelas interview with Josh Frydenberg on Radio National 29 Apr 2022

Recording: Kooyong content starts at 1:10:15

Poster of Frydenberg in Brunswick

Frydenberg with coal in parliament

Notes on his dubious statements and some outright lies follow.

JF:  "I am facing .. somebody who is no more than a slogan, or a board or a banner."

  • derogatory, dismissive, disrespectful
  • Dr Monique Ryan ran the neurology department at the Royal Children’s Hospital until recently.

PK: "Why undermine her and use this kind of language?"

JF:  "just because you may have had a professional occupation doesn't mean you will bring to the table detailed policies that will enhance the parliament or the local seat"

  • Non answer

PK: "Monique Ryan said the party with the most ambitious climate change policy and the toughest integrity commission she would make a deal with [if minority govt].  Isn't the onus on you to create those conditions?"

JF: Non answer, diversion 

PK: "Do you see yourself as as moderate?" 

JF: "I see myself as having progressive views, moderate views on number of issues ..."

"I supported Same Sex Marriage." 

  • Lie = he voted against it  
  • Josh Frydenberg voted consistently against same-sex marriage equality

JF: "I was one of the strongest advocates for net zero by 2050 ... We have a detailed costed plan to get there"

  • Lie. Morrison's "plan" is a pamphlet with no details and many questionable assumptions. 

PK: "Why are you preferencing One Nation over this independent if you are a moderate?"

JK: 'Well because firstly my preferences aren't going to make any difference in the seat because .." [interrupted]

PK: "But the symbolism matters"

JF: "Well no, it doesn't. Because in my seat its going to come down to me and the independent because the Labor party and the Greens, you can barely find a sign for them, are in bed with the so-called independent."

  • Lie. There is no conspiracy.

PK: "So if you are progressive/moderate what do you make of embattled Liberal candidate Katherine Deves?"

JF: "Historical analogies with the Holocaust are largely inappropriate. Her [Deves'] comments are inappropriate and unacceptable."

  • Morrison endorses her

In summary, Frydenberg: 

  • Won't use Monique Ryan's name (disrespectful) 
  • Says Dr Ryan is a "fake independent" (a lie)
  • Alleges conspiracy between others against him
  • Doesn't provide any compelling example of being an effective "moderate"

Saturday, April 02, 2022

I have caught COVID-19, its not "mild"

I recently caught COVID-19, here is a log of how this has unfolded. I am triplex vaxxed - 2 Astrazeneca and one Pfizer.

Sun 27 March 2022: Midnight Oil concert

I attended Midnight Oil's last ever concert in Melbourne. I am a long term fan. I wore a cloth mask some of the time. Lots of people were there, very few were wearing masks.  Three other friends who attended have not caught COVID.

Mon 28 March 2022: Slight throat tickle

I noticed a slight tickle in my throat but thought it was due to my singing at the concert

Tue 29 March 2022: Cough developed

The slight tickle became a dry cough, sneezing and some mucus discharge (like a cold)

Wed 30 March 2022: Negative RAT

Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) have a negative test. I was thinking it was likely I just have a cold. Cough, sneezing persisting.  RAT results are NOT reliable.

Thu 31 March 2022: PCR test (day 1 iso)

I got a drive through PCR test with my daughter . Cough, sneezing persisting, throat getting a bit sore and a slight headache. No fever, aches or pains.

Fri 1 April 2022: COVID-19 positive (day 2 iso)

PCR positive test result notified by SMS, but my daughter was negative. 7 day isolation at home commenced

  • Cough, sneezing persisting
  • Throat getting very sore
  • Headache persisting. 
  • Coughing up some grey and yellow phlegm, its in my lungs but I don't have shortness of breath. 
  • No fever, aches or pains (other than throat). Haven't checked sense of smell.  
  • Temperature and breathing normal.

Downloaded the Melbourne Uni CovidCare app to track my symptoms and condition.

Staying in the master bedroom alone, isolated from my partner and daughter. Wearing an N95 mask when I occasionally leave the bedroom.

Sat 2 April 2022: Very sore throat, still coughing phlegm (day 3 iso)

  • Got up during the night with a very sore throat to take some Disprin. Have also been taking some Nurofen occasionally to reduce symptoms.
  • Nose still very runny, it hurts to cough. Throat very sore. Lots of phlegm in lungs
  • Feeling cold, I normally sleep warm to hot.
  • Temperature and breathing normal.

Still no fever, aches or pains (other than throat), loss of sense of smell or shortness of breath.

This disease it NOT mild. Its worse than a common cold. 

Sun 3 April 2022: Feeling groggy, throat feeling better, still coughing some phlegm (day 4 iso)

  • Felt groggy yesterday. It's hard being restricted to some rooms in the house. I can't imagine what 10 years incarceration that refugees in Australia must be like.
  • Took some Disprin and Nurofen during the day.
  • Sore throat has improved, less coughing, but still some phlegm in my lungs.
  • Feel cold in bed, usually I get too hot.  Still no fever.

Mon 4 April 2022: Still feeling groggy in the morning, feeling better (day 5 iso)

  • Throat no longer sore
  • Runny nose gone
  • Some mucus phlegm but its reduced
  • Reduced coughing, lungs feel OK
  • Feeling warm now (after feeling colder than usual)
  • Still no fever
  • Temperature and breathing normal.

My partner and daughter are now have symptoms and have gone for a PCR test today.

Tue 5 April 2022: Feeling better (day 6 iso) but partner and daughter positive

  • Reduced coughing, lungs feel OK, very little phlegm now
  • Temperature and breathing normal

However, my partner and daughter both tested positive today.

My partner has a sore throat.

My daughter is lethargic, has lost her sense of taste and has a fever.

Wed 6 April 2022: Feeling OK (day 7 iso, last day)

  • Still a slight tickle in my throat but otherwise good.
  • Temperature and breathing normal

My partner had a very sore throat last night (similar to what I experienced)

My daughter is still feeling quite ill.

Thu 7 April 2022: Out of iso, feeling OK

  • Still a slight tickle in my throat. Occasional cough.
  • Temperature and breathing normal

Partner improving, isolating

Daughter still in the grip of it, isolating

Did some shopping, wore a mask.

Fri 8 April 2022: Bike ride, feeling OK

  • Still a slight tickle in my throat. Very occasional cough.
  • Bike ride into the city went well.  Lungs a bit sore when making an effort.

Partner improving, isolating

Daughter still in the grip of it, isolating

Tue 3 May 2022: Still some side effects.

I have felt almost back to normal, but there as some lingering issues:

  • If I exercise hard and breath fast my lungs hurt - must be still some inflammation
  • I get fatigued and need 2-3 hours sleep after exercise (stand up paddle board, bike rides etc.)
  • I still get a dry cough some mornings for a short period.
Prevention is better than cure - its sensible to take steps to avoid catching COVID.