Natural beekeeping

After constructing my Warre Hive, I primed the top bars with some wax strips, then set up about finding some bees.

Peter Dyer (mobile 0425 873 555), a local beekeeper in Surrey Hills, put a spare swarm he had into my hive and let them settle for a few days.  I then drove the hive around to our house (wearing my bee suit in the car) and put the hive on the platform above our water tank.  I took the damp cloth seal out of the hive entrance and the came buzzing out to see what was going on.

In the morning there was quite a lot of activity at the entrance.  In the evening there was still a lot of activity and even a smell of honey.  The workers coming in seemed laden with nectar which is a good sign.

The hive is located above head height on a platform above our water tank to keep the bee's flight path high over our shed and out of the way.

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