Monday, December 16, 2013

First video from Blade 350QX quadcopter Highfield Park

I have been wanting to take some aerial video for a few years now but I never got the confidence to fly my Blade 400 helicopter - its tricky to fly and too easy to crash.

Quadcopters have changed all that.  With GPS guidance, "safe mode" and return to base they are much easier to fly.

I bought the Blade 350QX and a GoPro camera to go with it.

Here is my first video, taken in Highfield Park in Surrey Hills.

Its quite a buzz flying this quadcopter platform.   Down the track I will have a go with FPV (First Person Vision) goggles to get a real flying experience.


Chance c said...

Hi Peter, Merry Christmas to L. & C.!

Hey, that quadcopter looks fun! Is that the same park where we used to run Sam, just over from the house?

It's been too long!

sent Dec 23rd from Las Vegas, USA

Peter Campbell said...

Chance, great to hear from you. I was thinking of you recently and wondering how you were going. Yes, that is the park where we walked Sam. Sadly he passed away this year and is greatly missed.

You are in Vegas? Please send me an email with some news.

Lena says hi and Chloe has just gone to sleep waiting for Father Christmas.

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