Sunday, April 07, 2013

Nice cycle tour around Williamstown

Lena, Chloe and I had a really nice cycle tour down to and around Williamstown. We caught the train to Southern Cross then headed down to Fishermens Bends.  The route followed some roads with cars but the traffic was not heavy.

We stopped a the Pier 35 Marina for a look then continued along the concrete shared bike and pedestrian trail to the punt that carries bikes across the Yarra.  The punt arrived just as we got there so we headed across travelling under the Westgate Bridge.

On the other side the bike path follows the bank for the Yarra and goes past "The Warmies" where lots of people were fishing.  This is the location of the outlet from the gas fired power station.

There were lots of people promenading in Williamstown. We continued on to the foreshore on the Bay, stopping to watch a large flock of Pelicans, Terns and Seagulls feeding on schools of fish right next to the shore at Point Gellibrand.

The bike trail continues on to the quiet Williamstown Beach which is a lovely location for a rest and a swim.  The trail then follows the coast for some great views out across the Bay and to Altona.  It passes a quaint little boat mooring then meanders along past some wetlands and the new houses at the Rifle Range Estate.

It was getting late so we headed back to The Strand for some great fish and chips, then followed the bike path back through Footscray to Southern Cross.  Chloe likes the Bike Friday tandem and contributes well to the pedalling, but its tricky to fit it on a crowded train.

All in all, a great short cycle tour.

Next time, we will go on to Altona and beyond.

At Chatham Station

Pier 35 Marina

Pier 35 Marina

The bike punt under the Westgate Bridge

Waiting for the bike punt

The bike punt

On the bike punt

Fishermen at the Warmies

Williamstown swing moorings

Sea birds feeding of Battery Road

Battery Road, Point Gellibrand

Williamstown beach

Bayview Street Harbour

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