Monday, November 28, 2011

Victoria must keep the 20% emissions reduction target

Dear Premier Baillieu and Dr Lynne Williams,

CC: Hon Michael O’Brien, Minister for Energy and Resources
Hon Ryan Smith, Minister for Environment and Climate Change
Hon Peter Ryan, Deputy Premier
Hon Kim Wells, Treasurer

Re: Review of Climate Change Act

I support the Victorian Climate Change Act and would be deeply disappointed if Victoria’s target to reduce greenhouse emissions by 20 percent by 2020 was abandoned.

I note that the Climate Change Act 2010 passed both Parliamentary chambers unopposed. The Coalition participated in the Parliamentary debates at length and stated publicly on numerous occasions that it accepted the 20 percent emissions reduction target.

I understand that the current review is a legislative requirement as outlined in the Climate Change Act due to the introduction of a price on carbon. I’m calling on your government to ensure this review strengthens, rather than weakens our state government action on climate change.

I support the Act, and encourage the Baillieu Government to ensure Victoria takes leading action on climate change in addition to the national price on carbon because:

  • The 20 percent target will attract investment in clean energy jobs and industries in Victoria;
  • There will still be market failures under a price on carbon. We will still need to support energy efficiency measures, remove fossil fuel subsidies, support public good research and development and overcome barriers to clean energy deployment. 
  • The price on carbon does not cover all sectors of the economy. In particular we need state policies to address emissions from transport and agriculture;
  • Victoria’s 20 percent target is stronger than Australia’s national target and therefore   represents a bridge between where we are now on emissions nationally and where the science tells us we need to be;

I am deeply disappointed by the series of actions the Baillieu Government has taken to dismantle Victorian climate policy since being elected. I call on the Government to take this opportunity to change direction on the environment and climate change. I trust that this review is about developing a policy agenda that faces up to the challenge of climate change and this government’s responsibility to act, rather than shirking our responsibilities to current and future generations.

I have previously provided submissions to the Victorian Government about the urgent need for strong emission reduction targets and am very disappointed to see Victoria is now moving backwards on this.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Campbell


eharmony log in said...


must keep the 20% target

Grant said...

It is good to stretch target for emission reductions, but realistically, with millions of electrical appliances sold each year, including heavy energy users (aircons, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers etc), 800000 - 900000 new fossil fueled vehicles being sold each year in Australia, and the generally accepted view that Victorian coal fired generation will take 20-30 years to migrate to gas fired generation, 20% even on todays emissions will be extremely difficult to acxhieve.
There is also the problem that PV Cell roof systems are just not economically viable due to long payback periods. For example the Alternative Technology Association (as documented in the Choice magazine), documented that the expected pay back period for a 3kw system, at the best is 14-18 years, this is just not an acceptable payback period worth considering.
Anyway a stretch target is always a good starting point.