Monday, August 27, 2007

Why the Gunns pulp mill proposal for the Tamar valley should not be approved

My submission to the "Invitation to comment on draft recommendation report - 2007/3385 Gunns Limited Proposed Pulp Mill, Tasmania"

The Gunns pulp mill proposal for the Tamar valley in Tasmania should not be approved until:
  • Full consideration of the impacts of the mill on Tasmania's native forests and wildlife habitat are assessed.
  • An independent assessment of the flow and dispersal of effluent in Bass Strait is undertaken
  • All toxic substances are removed from the mill effluent - no output of dioxin should be allowed.
  • Adequate local consultation has occurred - this was cut short when the Lennon Government abandoned their RPDC process
In its current form, the pulp mill would pollute the ocean with toxic dioxin, and have a very serious negative impact on fisheries and local tourism ventures in the Tamar valley.

The mill proposal should not be approved until these matters are resolved.

Peter Campbell


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