Sunday, March 04, 2007

Surrey Hills festival goes sustainable

I spent most of Saturday 3rd March at Surrey Hills festival which was held in the railway station carpark. The Lighter Footprints local climate change action group had an information stall there which was well visited. I have just joined the group, which formed in late 2006 and is based in and around (but not restricted to) Surrey Hills.

There was lots of interest from passers by, with many people expressing interest in having an energy audit in their home and participating in an upcoming tour of a local sustainable house (our house).

It is very encouraging that community awareness about and action on climate change has grown rapidly. Local action groups have also formed in Hawthorn, Kew, Ashburton and Bayside.

The Lighter Footprints information stall

Lighter Footprints founding members Sue King and Carolyn Ingvarson with a graphic visual display

The Alternative Technology Association was there too.

It is time that "alternative technology" and renewable energy became the norm, with roadmaps in place for exiting non-renewable energy such as fossil fuels. Nuclear energy is not renewable either, so it is not a good long term option.

A pair of impressive butterflies dropped by to lend their support

The festival was well attended

The Melbourne Gospel Choir provided some lovely songs

The Greens and a water tank seller were close by too.

Several local politicians stopped by for a chat and were very interested. Robert Clark (above), the member for Box Hill is pointing to an aggressive target. Bob Stensholt (member for Burwood) and Dick Menting (Boroondara Councillor) also expressed their support.

The growing community desire for real action on climate change and sustainability is resulting in some great local intiatives, discussions and information sharing about what we can all do to turn the situation around.

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