Thursday, December 07, 2006

Time to go John, no more lies

Dear John Howard,

Some of the lies you have told during your term of office include:

  • That asylum seekers threw their children overboard.
  • That there would never ever be a GST.
  • That Tasmania's forests would be protected after the 2004 Federal election.
  • That David Hicks would be given a fair trial by the United States, and that he is guilty of terrorist acts (for which he has not been tried).
  • That Australians don't want a repubic.
  • That Iraq had weapons of mass destruction - when you had ASIO reports stating that they did not.
  • That the Iraq war would reduce terrorism and make Australia a safer place.
  • That the free trade agreement with America would be of benefit to Australia.
  • That your workplace reforms make Australia a better place.
  • That the sale of Telstra is in Australia's best interests.
  • That you knew nothing about AWB's deals with Saddam Hussein's regime.
  • That your government would follow a strict code of ministerial conduct and be accountable to the Australian people.
  • That nuclear power is the best option for future energy production.
  • That changes to the cross-media ownership laws would be in Australia's best interests - when clearly they suit the media barons.
  • That coal can be made clean..
Your latest lie about flour being "a biological agent" is the straw that breaks the camel's back.

PM tries to defuse 'powder' keg

"Prime Minister John Howard has denied he distorted test results to claim that a white powder sent to the Indonesian embassy last year was a biological agent."

I think after the succession of lies you have told, it is time you stepped down as Prime Minister of Australia. You simply cannot be trusted and are not fit for office.


Nick said...

Global Warming
When we send people into space they use scrubbers to remove the Carbon Dioxide and re circulate the oxygen.

Why is it not possible to scale up this design to an extent where it would be possible to remove the Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere. This would have to be done on a huge scale and would need to get world governments onside. But if we built enough of these would it help prevent Global Warming?

Now I hear you asking what do we do with the Carbon Dioxide we remove? Well we put it back where it came from pump it underground back into the empty oil wells. Yes this will cost Billions or Trillions, but from were am sitting its better than killing off our planet if we don't act quickly.

We already have the technology to do this in space IE The International Space Station, NASA want to build a station on the moon, why? Lets save money and spend it saving this planet instead of exploring others, otherwise there wont be a Human Race left to explore in the future.

Nick Cammack

Peter Campbell said...


While scrubbing carbon dioxide appears to be a solution, it is too expensive to do.

In addition pumping it below the ground is not a proven technique. Being gas, it will most likely come out again!

I think it is much better to focus on prevention (reducing CO2 emissions) rather than cure.

Renewable energy is proven, we just need to commit to using more of it