Friday, December 16, 2005

Take your own action on greenhouse

Submitted as a Letter to Editor

It is most unfortunate that Senator Campbell chooses to cling to the coal industry-sponsored myth that Australia’s dirty brown coal can somehow be “clean and green” for energy production, and that he is prepared to waste money on futile research on this. It is equally unfortunate that he chooses to belittle viable alternatives such as wind and solar power and focus only on economic growth.

Australia’s lack of engagement with and commitment to the rest of the world on setting targets for emission reductions is an abrogation of our responsibility as global citizens - Senator Campbell’s excuses for Australia refusing to ratify the Kyoto agreement are both feeble and impossible to fathom.

Australia is missing a golden opportunity to become a world leader in manufacturing and exporting renewable energy technology. We have the technology, but no political will to promote and encourage industries to create secure long term jobs in this sector.

With our political leaders bereft of any vision or leadership for creating a roadmap to sustainable energy, it is incumbent on us all to do what we can at a personal level. Some easy actions are buying energy efficient appliances and low power light globes. While solar panels on your roof are more expensive, the greenhouse emission reductions commence immediately.

And you can choose carefully whom you vote for in future elections.

Peter Campbell

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