Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Family First call for lower petrol prices is irresponsible.

Family First’s call for lower petrol prices demonstrates a lack of regard for the problems of climate change. Global warming is acknowledged as the single biggest problem facing the globe. It is quite clear that low petrol prices only encourage the use of fossil fuels, which is a major contribution to exacerbating global warming.

Petrol prices are rising as oil reserves are being depleted, but the price still does not reflect the true cost of fossil fuels in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. Perhaps Steve Fielding should start looking for family friendly ways to reduce our consumption, instead of adding to the problem.

No family impact statement for the IR legislation; none for the VSU legislation, which passed with Steve Fielding’s pivotal vote after confidential meetings with John Howard and Brendan Neilson; no family impact statement for his call for lower petrol prices.

Now funding for child care and other services at Universities will be reduced.

What is Family First really doing for families? Is Stephen Fielding just playing politics and compromising our future?

No regrets on VSU vote: Steve Fielding

Family First calls for fuel excise cut

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