Friday, July 27, 2012

Premier Baillieu please support the NDIS

Dear Premier Baillieu,

I believe that you should support the National Disability Insurance Scheme and commit appropriate funds to it. Thousands of people with disabilities are in urgent need of assistance and protection as a basic human right.

Please don't play politics with this.

I encourage to persuade your colleagues in New South Wales and  Queensland to support the NDIS too.

Regards, Peter Campbell



Grant said...

Peter, I don't think the problem was going to be in the trial, although $10 mil a year from the health budget may hurt some areas. Remember to pay for Police increases, and some infrastructure requirements, thousands of public servants needed to go. For the nurse pay increases planned hospital spending increases had to be dramatically reduced, and for the upcoming teacher increases, the education budget needs to be dramatically cut. I believe that the State Gov just needed to confirm with the Feds that they would not be expected to fund the full NDIS when the trial is completed as obviously they, like the QLD Gov are just not financially able to pay.

Grant said...

Further to my comments above. In todays Age, as expected, it was pointed out that although all agree with a NDIS, there is no way the State Gov could be part of the final scheme without dramatically reducing expenditure in Hospitals, Public Transport, Welfare, Education or other State expenditure. It also points out that the Feds cannot pay the $ 7-8 Bil a year as this amount is more than they can collect from the Carbon Tax, and twice what they can collect from the Mining Tax. So until a can work out reductions in existing expenditure, the NDIS will never get past the trial.