Thursday, March 10, 2011

Libya: No-Fly Zone

Dear United Nations Security Council delegates,

I call on you to take immediate steps to impose a no-fly zone under Chapter VII of the UN Charter to stop the aerial bombings of civilians in Libya and restore access for humanitarian flights to Libyan air space.

Only through robust international action and oversight can the bloodshed in Libya be stopped.


Peter Campbell

You can send the United Nations a letter about this here:


Grant said...

HI Peter
Everybody agrees, I believe, in stopping the bombing of innocent non combatants, but from watching TV, I would not like to try to identify innocent non combatants, as the rebels do not appear to be wearing any uniforms. The only way you can stop the killing of the innocent is to classify anybody carrying a weapon as a hostile, and try to take them out.
Having trained as an officer in the Australian Army Reserve, this is effectively what we were trained to do.
In the civil war in Libya civiians will always get tangled up in the fighting (same as in Nam) when each side will accidentially (on purpose) try to protect them selves with civilians, so you are never going to stop their casualties, just minimise them (called collateral damage/death).

Peter Campbell said...


It is certainly difficult to know exactly what is going on on the ground from the air. At least the no fly zone was established and a massacre of the rebels avoided.

However, a protracted civil war now appears to be the likely outcome.

It's a pity the West (United States and Great Britain) previously forgave Gaddafi all his sins - motivated by corporates lobbying for more share of the oil action.

Its a pity the West also sold him so many weapons and arms - which he is now using against many of the Libyan people.

There appears to be no easy solution to this. Stopping the arms trade would have some preventative effect - but many governments (France, U.S., Australia, Great Britain) like he income they get from it.