Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Transition off brown coal rather than exporting it

The burning of brown coal is Victoria's largest source of greenhouse gas emissions - we need to establish a transition off using it for power generation and replace it with renewable energy sources.

The export of more brown coal to other countries being considered by the Brumby government will result in further greenhouse gas emissions at a time when we need to be reducing them. This must not be allowed.

Climate change is recognised as the most serious problem facing humanity and life on earth. We need urgent and immediate emission reductions not rhetoric and expanded use of fossil fuels.

There are opportunities to reduce our current use of electricity by up to 40% by introducing efficiency measures - this should be a major priority of the Victorian Government. In addition to reducing carbon emissions it will also save us money and create green jobs and export opportunities.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Our round the world trip in 2009

We embarked on a round the world trip in 2009. Lena had work conferences to attend in both London and Basel, so we decided to buy round the world tickets and visit friends and family in both the United States and Europe.

This map is a work in progress of our trip.

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