Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What is the political definition of renewable energy?

Labor's grubby political maneouvre to link the long overdue Australian Mandatory Renewable Energy (MRET) target with the failed CPRS has now thankfully been reversed.

An MRET of 20% renewable energy by 2020 was an election promise by Labor in 2007 - it is an indictment of their lack of action on clean energy that it has taken two years to get to this point.

Unfortunately, Labor is now bending and redefine what renewable energy is, in a breathtaking display of yet more political maneouvring. The draft MRET legislation deal between the Govenment and the Opposition now includes as "renewable energy" sources:
  • Burning woodchips from native forests, including old growth forests.
  • Coal seam methane as a 'renewable' gas
Both are quite obviously not renewable. This is scam.

Our forests should be protected as carbon stores rather than woodchipped and burnt.

And coal seam methane is no more renewable than coal itself.

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