Sunday, May 10, 2009

My speech at the senate candidates event at North Melbourne

I attend another of the series of the "meet the senate candidates" events being held across Victoria for the preselection of the Greens lead senate candidate for the 2010 federal election.

This time, we were given a hypothetical scenarios where, as Senator for Victoria, there were four options to attend events.

These were:
  1. The first action of the Swan Hill Climate Action Group
  2. The Melbourne Writers Festival, discussing the Parallel Importing legislation removal
  3. The inaugural conference of Democracy Watch in Sydney, discussing election campaign funding and transparency
  4. Voting in the Senate on a the acquisition of 5 extra jets, following a special extra sitting day to discuss this issue.
I chose option 2 due to the large audience of around 500 people, and the opportunity to reach an audience that shares our values but due to their age and background are statistically less likely to vote for us.

You can read the speech I wrote - as the "Greens Senator for Victoria" at this hypothetical future meeting, here.

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