Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mother's climate action and John Howard's response

Here is an inspiring video made by some people who care about climate change - the Blackheath Climate Action Now! Group in Sydney.

Local community action like this will really make a difference to our politicians, who are currently unwilling to take real action on climate change.

John Howard won't commit to any emission reduction targets until after the election - probably because his targets will be so weak they won't make any difference. His emissions trading scheme won't really address climate change either. His obsession with nuclear power won't help either - it wouldn't be ready in time and isn't renewable energy.

Kevin Rudd has only committed to 60% emission reductions by 2050. However, with no 2010 or 2020 targets, Australia's carbon emissions would continue to grow - up to a 20% increase by 2020, so 2050 targets on their own are basically useless.

Let your local member know that you care about climate change, and that you want real action on climate change.

For more details on what our leaders should do to really take action on climate change, visit The BigSwitch.

Here is a leak of John Howard's response - his upcoming PR campaign on climate change - from the Getup climate change campaign

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