Wednesday, November 23, 2005

IR and terror laws are driven by ideology and mock democracy

If the Victorian Liberal Party senator Judith Troeth and the Liberal-National dominated Senate pass the problematic Howard Industrial Relations laws without alterations then this is making a mockery of our democracy.

Senators such as Judith Troeth are supposed to represent the people, over 150,000 of whom have just protested in Victoria in Melbourne's largest ever rally against these unnecessary and retrogressive laws which are based on ideology rather than any subjective facts or evidence about how to improve our economy.

The Senate probe has just found serious issues with the IR laws, which will now apparently be ignored. So much for due process and accountability. So much for heeding the wishes of the people and acting in our best interests.

The Howard government is hell bent on pushing through a series of ill-considered, poorly drafted laws based on ideology such as the IR and terror laws. They don't have a mandate from the people for either.

This is clearly an abuse of political power and is not in the best interests of social cohesian or the future of Australia.

We need consensus-based laws which take into account the wishes and aspirations of the people, rather than a headlong rush towards extreme economic rationalism, globalism and fear-based politics.

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